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Oct 6, 2009

People String Network Marketing Company Review

Oct 6, 2009
The People String domain name was registered in October of 2004 to the BigString Corporation. The registrant contacts come out of Red Bank, New Jersey and Adam Kotkin is the registrant name on file. Their main pitch is that they will pay you to read email and engage in Social Networking activities that you would do anyway, and that they will pay you on multiple levels for referring others to do this.
The company does have a free signup option. Once you signup free they put 3 cents in your account for signing up. When I first logged into the People String back office, I noticed that they allow you to purchase People Dollars. You can purchase 100 People Dollars for $1.00. You can pay for these with Paypal, Credit Card, and even charge these to your Cell Phone with the Boku and Zong service.
To give a couple examples of how far these People Dollars go with People String, you can join Netflix and rent unlimited movies for 850 People Dollars. Keep in mind you'll still have to pay for your movie rentals later, this fee is just to become a member of Netflix. Or you can take the IQ Booster quiz for 269 dollars. And for 875 People Dollars you can get a guide that shows you how to earn $3,000 each month on ebay.
People String Network pays you six levels deep for referring other people into their network. Once you signup they send you an email asking you to complete their Mailbox Cash Survey and attend their free webinar to find out more details about their program. Once you complete your Mailbox Cash Survey they will send you a card in the mail so you can verify your mailing address. Once you do this you will receive $1.50. Also they say every time you tell a friend you will earn another 50 cents.
Once you are in their back office they also have free games you can play as well. So if you are one of those game addicts that likes to play free games you could get a little value out of this. People String also offers rebate and cash back percentages usually around 3-5 percent on multiple categories in their store from a lot of major retailers like Target, Hollywood Mega Store and the NFL Shop.
I started digging a little deeper on the People String program, since I couldn't really find out the upgrade incentives on their website or back office. But I did read that they pay out 70 percent of their advertising revenue to their members. If you are a free member you will make 5 percent on direct referrals and 2 percent on levels 2-6. If you are an Entrepreneur Member which is a paid member, you'll receive 20 percent on direct referrals and 6 percent on levels 2-6.
It does look like the People String Founders socked a small fortune into their website and back office. To upgrade will cost you $200.00. Upgraded members get paid every 2 weeks. You will have to bring in quite a few people to earn that back. You can pay them through Credit Card or PayPal. I'm not saying this company doesn't have a chance, but my Google Search didn't find much at all on any income earners for this program.
Unless you have a massive email list I don't see the advantages yet of upgrading since it will take bringing in about 400 people to make this back. However I don't think this program is a straight scam either, but I have yet to ever see a get paid to use a Social Network program survive long term yet. But history is made everyday on the Internet in one form or another so all we can do is to sit back and see how this company pans out. If anyone has experienced any real success with People String please let us know.
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